This is the story of The Palsamy Nadar Educational Trust.

Mr. Palsamy Nadar was a close associate of the great visionary leader Mr. Kamarajar.  Known for his straightforwardness and honesty, Mr. Palsamy was a well-known figure to the people of Sirkali.  Closely following his footsteps was his disciple, a man known to be a selfless philanthropist, Mr. Ramar.

Mr. Ramar has dedicated his lifetime to empowering the masses through education.  This is the Vani Vilas School. Established in the year 1932, this school is a prominent institution in the town of Sirkali.  However, with time, the school ran into a lot of problems and was in the verge of closing its doors.  But Mr. Ramar had other plans, he envisioned the resurrection of the school back to its glory days. Very soon into his mission, he realized that the aspired transformation would not be possible if he were to continue working as an individual.
He realized a framework and clear cut organizational structure was necessary to bring to life his dreams.  He wanted to create a Trust through which he can carry on his philanthropic activities with the help of other like-minded people who could also come on board.
As a mark of respect to his mentor, he named this trust after Mr. Palsamy Nadar. And hence in the year 2006, The Palsamy Nadar Educational Trust was established. Now a peek into the various philanthropic acts and services being carried out by the Trust.