The Trust is involved in a number of activities that explore or promote the idea of children and young people as decision-makers in education. Here is what we are currently up to.

Child Education

The Palsamy Nadar trust understands the depth of this saying and has tirelessly contributed to the education of several students who have for no fault of theirs found themselves on the downside of advantage.


The trust has always encouraged the overall development of students and has taken several measures and rendered invaluable services to encourage students who are devoted to sports and games.

Social Service

“There is no higher religion than Human Service. To work for the common good is the greatest creed” The Palsamy Nadar trust has stood and continues to stand as a testament to the above quote.


The trust realizes that the students of this country need to be educated on the greatness of Mother India which would instill in them a sense of pride about being Indians.

Over time several students in and around Sirkali, after excelling their school education found themselves stunted without financial support to pursue higher education. They started writing petitions to the trust asking for help. After carefully processing the petitions and applications, the trust went ahead and provided the financial assistance to deserving students. In addition to this, the trust also helped out a few schools in the surroundings by providing them with necessary equipments, accessories and stationaries. The trust also erected the roofs of few other schools.
The great leader Kamarajar envisioned a future for the state wherein, he hoped to see one primary school every one mile and one higher secondary school every three miles. He did not stop with just dreaming the future, he went ahead and built it as well. His mid-day meals scheme which still is considered by many as a path-breaking initiative, drew scores of poor children towards the schools. This initiative is still flourishing in Tamil Nadu, making it a model for the other states to follow.
To commemorate the deeds of this selfless leader, on his birthday, the trust recognizes and awards students who have displayed outstanding academic performances. This initiative which was once restricted to the central region of Sirkali, has now expanded to bring under its umbrella the entire town of Sirkali. On this day, the trust also awards the students who have secured the highest marks both at the district and state level.